Internet of Trees

Monitor forests. Detect fires.

Get instant notifications whenever there’s a hint of a fire outbreak in your forest.

Internet of Trees is an early warning system based on environmental sensors that protects assets, monitors forests, and prevents fires from spreading.

Internet of Trees


Internet of Trees is made of internet-connected modules that are installed in the forest to detect temperature and air humidity variations, which are analyzed by a powerful algorithm which then compares the current readings with the ones taken during the previous hours, days, and weeks. It also compares them with data from external weather sources to validate if the area has caught fire or not. Whenever a fire is detected, our cloud application sends immediate notifications to key stakeholders.

Internet of Trees


Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor environmental indicators without needing to send people into the forest.

Instant Notification

Whenever there is a hint of a fire outbreak, receive notifications on by SMS / email or app alerts.

Reduce Fire Devastation

Avoid expensive land recovery costs or damaged assets.


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