Governmental organisations: They are responsible for extinguishing the forest fires and protecting the people in a forest's surrounding area.

Organisations such as forest and fire agencies or municipalities could benefit from a solution like ours by sending immediate alerts (via SMS, email or our web app) to fire response teams (firefighters, rescue teams, police, etc).

Timber and logging companies: A hectare burned in a forest fire is a hectare of timber they cannot make revenue from. A forest fire for them is quite literally burning their money.

Besides losing their raw material, these companies have to bear with the cost of reforestation and they can be fined if a fire is left to spread in their forests.

NGOs and Meteorological Data Scientists: Globally NGOs have a budget to protect the forests around the globe. Some of those funds could be allocated to carry out an implementation of our solution in a vulnerable forest.

Additionally, the data we measure could be of use to data scientists and NGOs specialized in meteorological observation.

Agroindustrial companies: When a forest fire spreads, it usually reaches grasslands and crops.

Agroindustrial companies could benefit from our solution by installing our Fire Ranger sensing module in the outer borders of their plantations or in the nearby forests, in order to mitigate the risk of losing their production to a fire.


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