Internet of Trees


Web Monitoring

Check on the status of each Fire Ranger on the map of our mobile-friendly web application.

Environmental Sensing

We measure temperature and humidity using outdoors sensors and with a special algorithm that detects the variations of the microclimate and irregular patterns on them.

Energy Efficient

To improve battery life to up to 3-5 years, the module makes an efficient power management.

Lora or GSM Connectivity

We use - Wide Area radio technologies (LPWans) to cover more area up to 5 KMS.


What is the maximum area that can be covered by one module?

A/ Roughly, one module is needed per every hectare monitored.

How are the modules connected to the internet?

A/ We are using Long Range - Low Power Radio Technologies (LPWan).

How long can the Fire Ranger work without replacing its battery?

A/ Three years.


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